Chris Harris - 2018

Chris Harris - 2018

The autumn of 2018 was marked by the roaring symphonies of high-performance engines and the unmistakable fragrance of rich leather, as Stella's Garage warmly welcomed a storyteller of speed, Chris Harris. Known for his charismatic reviews and daredevil test drives on Top Gear, Harris seamlessly transitioned into Stella's sanctum, his worn-out driving gloves narrating tales of countless steering wheels they'd gripped. Whispers amongst automotive aficionados marked this not as a fleeting encounter, but as a rendezvous of revs and revelations.

Surveying the expanse of Stella's domain, enriched with vintage beauties and modern masterpieces alike, Harris couldn't suppress his enthusiasm. "Stella," he began, the twinkle in his eye mirroring the polished chrome around him, "Your garage is like a chronicle of automotive evolution. I've driven many, but understanding their souls? That's a different journey altogether."

Stella, arching an eyebrow in amusement, responded, "Ah, Mr. Harris. But isn't that what you do? Tease out the stories from the steel, making viewers feel every corner and straight?"

With a hearty laugh, Chris countered, "True, but there's always more to learn, to experience. Tell me, in this era of electrification and autonomy, where do you see the essence of pure driving headed?"

Engrossed in a blueprint of what seemed like a hybrid drivetrain, Stella mused, "It’s an intriguing transition. While technology surges ahead, the primal thrill of driving, that connection between man and machine, will always find its space."

Their dialogue spanned the spectrum of automotive world, from the classics that defined eras to the supercars that pushed the envelope, and the imminent electric future. Harris's firsthand experiences, his exhilarating track days, and daredevil stunts, melded with Stella's profound knowledge, painting a panoramic view of the motoring world.

The interaction at Stella’s Garage enriched Chris Harris's perspective. In the following seasons of Top Gear, there was a discernible depth, a newfound reverence for the tales behind the tailpipes. His narratives, post that memorable evening, echoed a deeper appreciation for the machines, a nod to their heritage, and a salute to the marvels of engineering.