Atop Angeles Crest, amidst twisting roads that lead to automotive lore, stands Stella's Garage—a haven for car enthusiasts. More than a workshop, it's an ode to vehicular dreams, echoing memories of roaring engines and victories.

Established in 1981, this garage shines as an emblem of car devotion. Born from a unique assembly of experts from Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, and beyond. These former competitors cast aside their rivalries, uniting under a shared passion for machinery.

Its design, echoing vintage pit stops, speaks tales from yesteryears. The air mixes gasoline's allure with the rich aroma of leather and rubber, taking one on a journey to legendary races and secret night rides. Picture Steve McQueen's '63 Ferrari 250 GT revived here. Jay Leno, with his vast tales, collaborating with Magnus Walker. Ralph Lauren, discussing design intricacies with Stella's artisans.

Outside, the array showcases automotive artistry, where vintage meets the contemporary. "It's a living history," remarked a visitor.

As twilight embraces and the California sun retreats, the soft hum of machinery and gentle tool sounds shape the night. Over coffee, engineers blueprint innovations, aficionados exchange stories, and newcomers discover automotive wonder.

Under the evening's soft lights, Stella's spaces buzz with conversation. Toasts celebrate automotive legends, thrilling tales are exchanged, and the bond of car fellowship strengthens.

Stella's Garage isn't just a workshop; it's where automotive dreams come alive, where timeless love for cars flourishes, and every guest departs with an enriched connection to the automobile world.

P.S. A little secret between us: the story of Stella's Garage is a crafted narrative from our creative garage, but rest assured, the quality of our parts and products is no fairy tale. They are the real deal, chosen and cherished by a collective of genuine car lovers. We're excited for you to join in on this journey fueled by love and passion for all things automotive